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Was an art project in a park in Copenhagen consisting of a gathering place and a website made with the aim of discussing alternative forms of sociality and organization of the park in the face of it's renewal. The gathering place was made with a minimum use of resources departing in an ecological mindset.

The show has ended but the website will remain to show the research. A free catalogue on all projects in the show is available.

The reserach on St Petersburg Urban Gardening Club is done thanks to a previous research done by the Danish artist Camilla Berner in St Petersburg

by Nis Rømer 2002 nisroemer AT

Weird and Obseene Parks
The project was opened with a talk on two parks with a social organization radically different from most parks of today. By departing in the weird and obseene they point towards a strategy for an open and non-exclusive park.

One such park was Lilliputia, a city within an amusement park built in half size and inhabited by 300 dwarfs.(read more)


The other was a socialist never realized collective, based on the free expression of desires all described in an excessive plan by the French author Charles Fourier. read more

Selforganized community gardens
In a second talk selforganized community gardens were discussed as a way of creating community spaces and getting an everyday influence on the local environment

NY Community Gardens. In New York a big and well-organized culture has emerged cultivating gardens of any imaginable kind; Queer gardens, gardens for the elderly, and kids, botanical gardens, and even parks of considerable size all maintained and planned by citizens. They have an open structure in common, and anyone who whish to do so can walk in from the street and participate. (see and read more)

St. Petersburg Urban Gardening Club Has made a therapygarden in relation to an institute for artificial limbs, they have made a garden in a prison and other gardens having in common that they are based in an ecological and socially responsible way of thinking. (see and read more)

The Youth house garden is one of the few working community gardens in Denmark.
(see and read more)